Developmental League 2018

2018 05 Calendar

3v3 Rules

Game Duration

  • All games are 27 minutes total with a running clock.

  • Games are played in halves with each half lasting 12 minutes with a 3-minute half-time


  • General FIFA rules apply with the following exceptions

    • Restarts

      • All dead ball kicks are indirect

      • Balls going outside the touchline are kicked-in. There are NO throw-in’s

      • Corner kicks should be focused with keeping the ball on the pitch

      • The opposing team will stand 5 yards away from the ball before it is played

  • The Goal Box

    • No players are allowed inside the Goal Box

    • No players are allowed to contact the ball inside the Goal Box

    • If the ball stops inside the goal box play will be restarted with a drop ball

  • Scoring

    • A goal can only be scored when the shooting player is on their attacking half

    • There are no goalies, all players are field players

    • If an obvious goal scoring threat was denied (exp. deliberate hand ball to stop a goal) a penalty kick can be given. The penalty kick is taken from the center spot at midfield with all players in the defensive end

  • Offsides

    • There is NO offsides

      • HOWEVER, an attacking player that “sandbags” in front of goal should be strongly encouraged to check back into supporting space. We are here to promote players developing their ball skills with awareness of the field and teammates. We are not here to score easy tap-ins that came as a benefit of hard working teammates.

  • Substitutions

    • Substitutions are made at any dead ball restart for either team