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Volunteer Registration Instructions

Are you struggling to get registered for your volunteer positions?  Please check on this link for a step-by-step guide on how to complete this process!


Registering Players for the 2022/2023 Year

CSC Coaches and Team Managers:


Click on the “Volunteer Opportunities” menu option and then the “Sign Up” button to get started.  You will be required to provide a photo as part of the registration process, so please have one ready to upload.  If your Concussion and SafeSport training is not current, you will need to complete this, although it is not required to complete your volunteer registration.  If you have copies of valid certificates for that training already, please have them ready and feel free to upload them during your registration.  If you do not have these available to upload during your registration, you can log back into your account at a later date to upload them. To do this, use the “Volunteer” option on the left-hand side of the screen after you log in.  Here, you can view the status of your certificates. To update, simply select the certificate you want to update and click the “Renew & Update” button to upload the latest current certificate.

Parents will be responsible for providing all required information and uploading player photos and birth certificates during the registration process. Coaches may need to follow up with any parents who upload documents that are not legible or are otherwise denied as directed by our Registrars.

Coaches will be responsible for providing the following information:

1. Last year’s roster

2. This year’s TEAM registration form (including new players)

3. Medical Release form for each player

If you have any questions on registration, please contact the correct Board Member as listed below:

Nicole Henderson ( will be registering the GIRLS teams.  (402) 276-2381

Jean Cornwell ( will be registering the BOYS teams.  (402) 270-0774


Effective July 1, 2020

Coaches please reference the detailed email from our Director of Coaching for additional information. 


Effective July 1, all teams are allowed full team training including try-out activities. The NSS does have provisions for letting teams practice in July provided ALL players have been previously registered. This is a one-time exception as the season typically concludes June 30th and teams are required to re-register before resuming training.
Before you can re-register your team ALL coaches will need to complete either the Safesport refresher or new coach training. This includes the background check, concussion, sexual abuse and anti-bullying training. I have last year’s process attached. I have yet to receive any notice that the process for this year will be different.

Information on Club Team Registration

Please complete the Team Registration form and submit to our club registrar. This is only for CSC teams and is not related to our upcoming tournament.

Coaches should refer their player’s parents to the Information For Parent’s page where they can register their player with the Club. This player registration process is very important and must be completed in order to get your player passes.

All new teams must be approved at the monthly Club Board meeting. Please contact Club President Kay Arlt if you are interested in forming a new team. New coaches should complete a CSC Coaching Application form prior to this meeting.

Team Formation Changes

On July, 2016 the CSC Board voted and approved the following addition to our team formation rules.

  • • All new teams starting the Fall 2016 season will follow the National and State approved age specific guidelines for team formations. Newly formed teams will be birth year specific unless approved to deviate by the CSC Board. Meaning, a new team consisting of 2009 players cannot have a player born in 2010 without the approval of the CSC Board.
  • • New players joining an existing team must play in their birth year specific team unless approved by the CSC Board. Meaning, a current team of 2006 players cannot add a new 2005 player without approval from the CSC Board.
  • • Guest and Secondary players are allowed to play for different birth year teams providing approval by both Head Coaches. Only the Head coaches are allowed to discuss adding a secondary or guest player. Meaning, a 2007 player can play as a guest player for a 2006 team IF discussed and approved by BOTH Head Coaches.  Guest player and player loan forms can be found after logging into your HTG coach/administrator account.  Guest players must be registered with the state before being allowed to enter a tournament.

Become a Coach

We have updated our coach application formcoach application form for those interested in becoming new coaches with CSC. Our club features both paid and volunteer coaches with most being volunteers. If you have previous experience with coaching soccer we would like to hear from you. Many of our coaches started with the Columbus AYSO program and have children on their club teams (however this is not required). Initial requirements are minimal, however, we do have some reasonable coach development requirements.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact anyone on our board and we will forward the question to the appropriate board member.

Volunteer Requirements

Columbus Soccer Club volunteers are required to complete the following training before the season begins. These can all be accessed through your Affinity account as well as through the below links.  Upon completion, save certificates as they will need to be uploaded to your affinity site for final approval. 


NSSA Background Check

Background checks are required once a seasonal year. To access you will use your Affinity credentials. If you can’t remember your login please use the forgot password link to retrieve. Directions, FAQ’s and the NSSA risk management policy can all be found on the NSSA background check website.


SafeSport Training – initial or refresher

The SafeSport training is required once a seasonal year. If this is your first-time completing SafeSport you will be required to take the initial training. Instructions and FAQ can be found on our website.

The SafeSport access code to complete the required training is: YC3E-6P5G-YYIL-CS2M

REFRESHER – If you are a returning coach who has previously completed the 3-course SafeSport Training you will complete the refresher training.

Once training is complete, follow the instructions listed below to upload your certificates into your Affinity account. 

>Login to your Affinity account 

>>Click on the CERTIFICATES tab 

>>>Click the SafeSport Training image and choose file to upload. 


Heads Up Concussion Training

This training will assist you to understand a concussion and the potential consequences of this injury, and to recognize concussion signs and symptoms and how to respond. Concussions are a type of traumatic brain injury and should be taken seriously.

Coaches Training

Coaches Fact Sheet

Brain Injury Resources


After all of your requirements are complete, we will approve your team for play. You will be issued a state certified roster and player passes/digital passes. Both the roster and passes are required at check-in at all games.


Pictures Needed

Please send tournament photos, team photos, or action shots to for publication on the CSC Facebook page and/or website.  Thanks for sharing!

US Youth Soccer Player Development Model

On February 2, 2012 US Youth SoccerUS Youth Soccer released their Player Development Model. This model is useful in guiding coaches and others by providing insights and a curriculum for youth players.

Download the New Player Development Model.

Read more: US Youth Soccer Player Development Model

Using Club Forms

Many of the forms used by our Club are fillable Adobe Acrobat files (pdf). Recent changes in many web browsers does not allow the forms to be filled out within the browser and may actually error out with a message regarding unsafe browser plugins. In order to properly fill out and save the forms, you should right click on the form link and select the option to “Save Link As…”. You will then be prompted with a file name and location where you want to save the form. Choose a location and file name that works for your purposes.

Once the file is downloaded you can open the form with Adobe Reader. Within Adobe Reader you can fill out the fields of the form and then save your information. This may be useful when completing the form again (for instance the CSC Registration Form for teams). You can save your team roster and use the same saved roster for future registrations and only change that information which needs to be changed. The team registration form also has a button that will e-mail the completed roster to the Club Registrar as long as your e-mail client on your computer is configured properly (check your sent items to ensure that it was sent). If you have problems with the send button you can just save the file and e-mail your completed roster as an attachment.

The medical release form can be saved and then e-mailed to your parents for completion. This form can also be saved by the parents for future reference.

Please contact club representatives or Brenda Preister if you have any problems with CSC Club forms.