Norfolk Champions2015 Norfolk Express Invite U13 Champions

CSC Angels Team Photo Coached by DJ Brandenburg and Jason Mielak.



UPDATED: 6/13/2016 4:00 p.m.


We would like to thank you for the opportunity and privilege it has been to work with your daughters for the past several years as part of the Angels.  I would encourage those players interested in continuing in 2016-17 to play soccer at a premier club level to consider trying out for one or more teams.  Tryout information is as follows:

Nebraska Select (Kearney) Tryout date:  June 15 (6:00-8:00 pm)

Moxie -- Contact Amy Tilley - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Tryout date:  June 16

Omaha Football Club --

Elite Girls Academy --

In the fall, instead of determining age as of 8/1, the team age will be determined by the oldest year of birth.  So, if your daughter was born on July 31, 2001 and another player was born on August 2, 2001, they would now both be considered U16 or 2001 players instead of one being U16 and the latter still U15.  We have received no direction from the Columbus Soccer Club or other coaches within the Club on what is to occur with any players in the 2002 or 2001 birth years other than the issue being raised at a board/coaches meeting earlier this spring.

Therefore, i would encourage you to explore your daughter's options.  If you have questions or would like our assistance, we would be happy to try and assist you and your daughter in finding a suitable team for the 2016-17 season.  As always, you have our permission to speak to any club team or coach to discuss opportunities for your daughter to play.

Congratulations Angels --

2016 Daniel Ohayon Memorial Tournament (Sioux Falls, SD) U14 Premier CHAMPIONS!

2015 Gretna Centris Cup U14 CHAMPIONS!

2015 Elkhorn Soccer Invite U14 FINALIST!

2015 Norfolk Express Invite U13 CHAMPIONS!

2015 U13 NSL Spring Premier RUNNER-UP!

2015 Columbus Classic FINALIST!

2015 Gretna Futsal League U13-15 SPL West CHAMPIONS!

Special thanks to our following sponsors:

Comfort Specialist; Dickie Doodles; Jenny Farms; Fehringer & Mielak, LLP; Pinnacle Bank; Paul Davis Restoration and Zegers Automotive. 

Columbus Angels (U14G) Roster:

# Name
 00  Allie M.
 1  Liza Z.
 2  Jaque R.
 3  Brea L.
 4  Kamryn C.
 6 Debanhi A.H.
 7 Madison J.
 8 Meghan C.
 9 Alexis H.
10 Sofia G.
11 Mackenzie B.
12 Ashley B.
13 Molly R.
14 Maddie U.
22 Kylie G.
31 Iz B.

Game Schedule:

    Norfolk Express - (Norfolk, NE)
6-25  9:30 AM  Angels v. Yankton Phitens - Field 7 
6-25 3:30 PM RSC Strikers v. CSC Angels - Field 7
6-26  2:00 PM  Angels v. BSC Hurricanes - Field 4 
6-26 5:00 PM Norfolk Express (U16) v. Angels - Field 7

Practice Schedule:

TBD TBD North Park