Columbus Soccer Club Tryout Policies and Procedure

Dear Parents and Players:

Welcome to the Columbus Soccer Club competitive youth soccer program. Our club has a policy of open tryouts for teams in the U-11 and older age groups. Please keep in mind that “club” or “select” soccer represents a significant increase in the commitment required by players, and parents. Our goal is to have all of the members of the club experience the enjoyment and developmental benefits that are gained by mastering skills and habits and by participating at the highest level of competition. CSC members acquire excellent physical conditioning, refine their technical skills, learn to understand the tactics involved in soccer, establish new and lasting friendships, and acquire character building habits such as teamwork, sportsmanship, commitment, discipline, and the pursuit of excellence. Every year players make the move from recreational soccer to club soccer, and many achieve great success. Your decision to participate in a tryout for a CSC team is the first step.

Playing on a competitive team requires a level of commitment for both players and families that is not to be taken lightly. Regular attendance at practices and games is expected, and coaches expect players to be on time and focused. Club teams vary in the number of games/tournaments that they participate in. Therefore, it’s important that you have an up front understanding of what the time commitment will be.

The expense of select soccer can be considerably greater than that involved with recreational soccer. Each team member must pay for his/her own uniform. Some teams participate in up to six tournaments annually, and the entry costs are typically divided among team members. When the tournament is too far to safely drive to and from each day, teams typically stay the weekend in a hotel, and the cost of that too is an individual player responsibility. Other teams not only participate in tournaments during the summer, but also participate in the spring and/or fall sessions of the Nebraska Soccer League. While costs are often reduced through sponsorship and/or fundraising efforts, it’s important that you are comfortable with the financial investment involved prior to your child accepting an offer to become a member of a club team.

Tryout Process: The team coaching staff and/or independent evaluators will run tryouts and make player selections for each team. The parents assisting with the tryouts are not participating in the player selection process. Please arrive early and be ready to begin on time. Bring cleats, shin guards and a water bottle. The coach of each team conducting a tryout will advise you in advance what the child should wear to the tryout (i.e. shirt color), but under no circumstances will returning players wear any CSC or individual team apparel. Parents are welcome to observe the tryout but are NOT ALLOWED on the playing field during tryouts. The coach of each team is free to choose the format for tryouts. Following the completion of the tryout parents and players are encouraged to ask questions.

All players trying out for a Columbus Soccer Club team will be notified, in writing, of the results of their tryout. This notification will be made no earlier than July 9th, 2011, and no later than July 16th, 2011. If an offer to play is made in the letter, players have seven (7) days from the receipt of the notification letter to deliver his/her acceptance or declination of the offer to play. Do not accept verbal offers to play. Coaches may not rescind their offer to play during the “signing” period. In addition, the club will be bound by the player’s acceptance of the offer to play. A player/parent who rescinds their acceptance of an offer to play after it has been communicated to the coach making the offer will not be permitted to play on another Columbus Soccer Club team for a one year from the date of the acceptance of the offer to play. Not only are material inducements prohibited by club policy, but the acceptance of such inducements may adversely impact on a player’s amateur status.

The Columbus Soccer Club forbids coaches from engaging in high pressure techniques or tactics to get players to play for their team. Additionally, any offer of gifts, payment of expenses, or cash payments to a player in return for his/her agreement to play for a team is prohibited. Any person having knowledge of such activity is requested to promptly report same to Kay Arlt, CSC President, at 910-2013, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In addition to carefully reviewing the policies and procedures contained in this letter, you are encouraged to review the Nebraska State Soccer Association’s rules governing tryouts. This may be done by visiting their web page and clicking on the Policies and Rules link in the left hand margin of the page.

Good luck with your tryout!

Kay Arlt
Columbus Soccer Club